Chemical Peels

What are chemical peels?

Chemical peels are a type of treatment that uses a single or multiple chemical solutions as well as physical pressure techniques to remove layers of skin. The type of peel and the type of application controls the depth of skin removal in a controlled fashion. The skin then grows back healthier, smoother, and more youthful. It is used as both a medical and cosmetic treatment (though even when used medically, is not covered by insurance).

Why choose chemical peels?

Chemical peels can treat a variety of issues depending on the type. Superficial or light peels remove the superficial outer layer of the skin to address issues such as acne (hyperlink wasn’t made yet) and skin tone. Medium depth peels remove skin cells rom the outer and upper middle layers to address sun damage, fine lines, and pigment. Deep peels remove the skin cells to an even deeper level to address deeper lines and wrinkles as well as pigmentation. However, deep peels require cardiac monitoring and are not performed here at Clear Dermatology, though their results are remarkable.

What do chemical peels feel like?

The superficial peels are associated with mild stinging and burning that is quite tolerable. Medium depth peels may have a greater stinging sensation that may require greater anesthesia than just a cooling device. Anxiolytics may be prescribed for the medium depth peels.

When will I see results from a chemical peel?

Improvement is seen after the skin heals and regenerates the new tissue. For light peels, this is immediate with very little downtime. For medium depth peels, this can take a week or longer for full recovery. Continuous improvement will be seen beyond the initial healing as well.

Am I a good candidate for chemical peels?

Chemical peels will not be done on pregnant or lactating patients. Certain skin types also carry more risk as well as history of scarring issues. Certain sensitizing medications like isotretinoin will also be general contraindications.

Where is the best place to get chemical peels in Ashburn?

Consult with our team of dermatologists at Clear Dermatology and see if chemical peels are right for you! Contact us today at 703-996-4000 to book your appointment and learn more.